Panthers pounce all over Bulldogs
9/21/2017 7:57 AM

TheQuinlan Ford Panthers pounced all over Venus Friday night when they visited theBulldogs and won big 42-3.


AthleticDirector and Head Football Coach Todd Wallace commented, “Overall, I thoughtour secondary did a good job of shutting down their receivers. They caught acouple of deep routes, but mainly early. The defense did a great job of keepingthem out of the end zone. That is always hard to do. Offensively, we werereally sloppy. We hit some big plays and did a good job in our hurry-up at theend of the half, but it sounds like a broken record, but our blocking and passgame execution is not where it needs to be. Then, throw in penalties this week,(we had three TDs called back) and we cannot do that against people in ourdistrict. We will always take the win and continue working trying to improve.”


EdgarAguillon scored the first Panther touchdown in the first quarter on an 18-yardrun. The PAT was not good. Quinlan led 6-0.


Beforethe starting period ended, Venus kicked a 22-yard field goal. Thesecond-quarter score was 6-3.


Thatwas the beginning and end of Venus points for the night. They were heldscoreless for the rest of the game.


Pantherquarterback Linus Beierschmitt ran the ball into the end zone from a yard outto begin a big scoring quarter for Quinlan. Giovanni Landeverde’s kick wasgood. The score was Quinlan 13, Venus 3.


Beierschmittscored again for the Panthers on an 84-yard scramble TD. Eli Chambers’three-yard rush 2-point conversion was good. The Panthers led 21-3 over theBulldogs.


DustinFulbright scored next for Quinlan on a 20-yard reception for the TD.Landeverde’s PAT kick was good.


Thescore at the end of the third quarter was Quinlan 28, Venus 3.


Beierschmittran the ball 10 yards to score for the Panthers in the third quarter.Landeverde’s PAT kick was good.


Thescored after three quarters was Quinlan 35, Venus 3.


TylerTrail scored a Panther TD in the fourth quarter on a two-yard run. Landeverde’sPAT was good, and the final score was Quinlan 42, Venus 3.


Beierschmittamassed 240 total yards gained on the night to again earn the 100-plus yardsgained stat listing twice.


Thequarterback ran the ball on 14 carries for 228 of those yards. He averaged 16.3yards per run with the longest for 980 yards. Three runs scored touchdowns.


Beierschmittcompleted three of seven passing attempts for 40 yards, a completion rate of0.429 and an average pass of 13.3 yards. One was good for a touchdown. Hislongest was for 20 yards. His QB rating is 101.2


DavidWelch gained 90 yards rushing on eight carries. He averaged 11.3 yards percarry, and his longest was for 49 yards. Edgar Aguillon had total yardage on thenight of 57. He had eight carries for 49 yards. Aguillon averaged 6.1 yards percarry, and his longest was for 18 yards. One scored a touchdown. Aguillon alsologged eight receiving yards on one catch.


TylerTrail carried the ball nine times for a total of 52 yards, averaging 5.8 yardsper carry. His longest was for 10 yards. He scored one touchdown.


EliChambers gained 40 yards on seven carries, averaging 5.7 yards per carry. Hislongest run was for 10 yards.


DustinFulbright connected on one pass for 20 yards receiving, which scored atouchdown.

CasonLane caught one pass for 12 yards receiving.


DylanJackman had 16 kickoff return yards


Onoffensive fumbles and pancake blocks, Jonathon Dotson, Frank Chavez and ColtenRinsem each had three pancake blocks; Fulbright, Isaac Henson and Lane, twoapiece; Beierschmitt two and one fumble with none lost; and Trail and KobeJennings, one fumble and one lost each.

GarretDavis led in the number of solo tackles with four and assisted on two.


JamesHoff made three solo tackles and assisted on four; Landon Helton, two solo,five assists; Beierschmitt, two solo, one assist; Aguillon, one solo, fourassists; Matthew Bryant and Mikey Gallegos, one solo, three assists each; CaysonHoff, one solo, two assists; Jackman, one solo, one assist; Kobe Jennings, onesolo; J.D. Bunch, three assists; Welch, Zane Watson, Justin Lewis and Chambers,two assists apiece; and Moses Garcia, Fulbright and Leo Rodas, one assist each.


Defensivestats included six passes defended, two by Beierschmitt; and one each by LouieGuynes, Welch, Jennings, and Jackman; Bryant had one fumble recovery; andfumbles recovered by Davis and James Hoff.


JoseSanchez had six kickoffs for a total of 297 yards. He averaged 49.5 yards perkick. His longest was for 78 yards.


Beierschmittpunted twice for a total of 54 yards. His longest was for 39 yards. He had apunt return for 45 yards.


Landeverdescored on four of five PAT kick attempts for a percentage of 0.8.


Chambersmade one conversion on rushing.


Pointsscored included 18 by Beierschmitt on three TDs; Fulbright, 6, one TD;Aguillon, 6, one TD; Trail, 6, one TD; Landeverde, 4, kicks; and Chambers, 2,one conversion.


Quinlanhad 20 first downs; and 10 penalties for 65 penalty yards. Venus had 10 firstdowns; and seven penalties for 50 penalty yards.


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Friday, September 22, 2017

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