Quinlan Ford loses at Anna 21-35
10/31/2017 8:02 AM

The Quinlan Ford Panthers lost Friday night 21-35 at Anna to the Coyotes.

Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Todd Wallace commented the game was a “very disappointing loss.”

“Edgar went down on the third play of the game, and our guys kind of went flat,” Wallace said. He said Aguillon was certainly missed at defensive end in trying to stop the Coyotes’ running game.

Wallace said, “Because of this, we had to stunt more than usual and it kind of became a guessing game, and opened us up for them to hit a few big plays. Their defensive line dominated us and really slowed our running game. Couple that with two turnovers in the first half, and it is not a good recipe for success. We have to try and figure out a way to get back on track this week despite the injuries.”

The Coyotes were on the scoreboard first in the opening quarter with a 49-yard touchdown run. The PAT was not good.

The score after the first period was Quinlan 0, Anna 6.

Anna added a two-yards rushing TD for the first second-quarter score. The PAT was good, and the Coyotes led 0-13.

Quinlan Ford lit its side of the scoreboard for the first time on a 64-yard TD reception by Dustin Fulbright. Giovanni Landeverde’s PAT kick was good.

The score was Quinlan 7, Anna 13.

Anna finished out scoring in the first half on a 10-yard run into the end zone. The PAT was good. Anna led 7-20.

The Coyotes scored on a 23-yard rushing TD in the third quarter. The 2-point conversion was good. Anna moved ahead Quinlan 7, Anna 28.

Kobe Jennings scored for the Panthers on a seven-yard TD reception. Landeverde’s PAT was good. The score was Quinlan 14, Anna 28.

The Coyotes answered with a nine-yard reception TD. The PAT was good, and Anna upped its lead to 14-35.

Quinlan Ford finished up scoring in the fourth quarter when Linus Beierschmitt ran nine yards for the TD. Landeverde’s PAT was good. The final score was Quinlan 21, Anna 35.

Beierschmitt was just shy of the 300 mark in the total yards stat. The senior achieved 170 yards passing, completing 12 of 18 attempts in the air for a 0.667 completion percentage. He averaged 14.2 yards per pass, and his longest was for 64 yards.

Beierschmitt threw two passes that were good for touchdowns.His QB rate was 110.9

Beierschmitt had 72 yards rushing on 13 carries. He averaged 5.5 yards per carry with his longest run for 24 yards. One was good for a TD.

Beierschmitt logged 55 yards receiving for one pass caught.

Senior Fulbright had 97 yards receiving on four passes. His average catch was for 24.3 yards, and the longest he received was for 64 yards.One completion scored a TD.

Sophomore Jennings gained a total of 76 yards. Fifty-five yards were on passing. He completed one of two attempts. His QB rate was 95.8.

Jennings also had 21 yards receiving on three passes. He averaged seven yards on each with the longest at eight yards. One scored a TD.

Senior Dylan Jackman caught two passes for 41 total receiving yards. His average was for 20.5 yards, and one was for 21 yards.

Senior David Welch had 23 yards rushing on three carries. He averaged 7.7 yards per run, and his longest was for 13 yards.

Freshman Eli Chambers had a total of 18 yards gained. He had nine yards rushing on four carries. His longest was for four yards.

Chambers also caught two passes for nine receiving yards,the longest for eight yards. His QB rate was 39.6.

Senior Edgar Aguillon caught three passes for three total passing yards.

Senior Tyler Trail ran once for two rushing yards.

Offensive stats included fumbles lost of one each by Welch,Beierschmitt and Hunter Carter. Pancake blocks included two each by Jonathon Dotson and Colten Rinsem and one by Isaac Henson.

Beierschmitt led in total tackles with 16, six solo and 10 assisted, one for lost yardage.

Garrett Davis had 11 total tackles including five solo and six assisted.

Matthew Bryant made 10 tackles, three solo and seven assisted; J.D. Bunch, three solo, five assisted; James Hoff, three solo, four assisted; Fulbright, two solo, three assisted; Landon Helton, two solo, three assisted; Louie Guynes, three solo, one assisted; Jackman, one solo, three assisted, one for lost yardage; Welch, two solo; Jennings, one solo, one assisted, one for lost yardage; Kameran McMahan, two assisted; and Kevin Castillo, one solo.

Guynes, Jennings and Beierschmitt each made a pass defended play.

Points scored included 6 each by Fulbright, Jennings and Beierschmitt, and 3 by Landeverde.

Landeverde was three for three on PAT kicks.

The Panthers will host Paris tonight (Friday) at Hobart Lytal Field with a 7:30 kickoff.

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Friday, October 27,2017


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