Panther contest goes to North Lamar 30-49
11/9/2017 1:14 PM

Quinlan Ford Panthers and North Lamar Panthers played to a30-49 win for North Lamar last week.

Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Todd Wallacecommented, “We simply did not play very well. It is extremely disappointing. Wehave to do a better job of getting our guys ready to play. We will work hardthis week to get prepared and finish strong against a very good Liberty Eylauteam.”

North Lamar scored first on a passing touchdown. The PATkick was no good, and the score was Quinlan 0, North Lamar 6.

In the second quarter, North Lamar upped their lead to 0-14when they scored on a run, and the 2-point conversion pass was completed successfully.

The Quinlan Panthers scored their first points on a LinusBeierschmitt five-yard run. Gio Landeverde’s PAT kick was good. The score wasQuinlan 7, North Lamar 14.

North Lamar scored again before the half. The PAT kick wasgood to up the lead to 7-21.

The cats from North Lamar added two more TDs in the secondquarter with both PAT kicks good to up their lead to 7-35.

Beierschmitt threw a four-yard touchdown pass to EliChambers to score for Quinlan. The 2-point conversion by Beierschmitt was goodto up the score to Quinlan 15, North Lamar 35.

North Lamar scored on a rushing TD in the fourth quarter.The PAT kick was good. The score was Quinlan 15, North Lamar 42.

Beierschmitt scored for Quinlan on a 30-yard rushing TD.Beierschmitt was successful on the 2-point conversion. The score was Quinlan22, North Lamar 42.

North Lamar finished its scoring on a rushing TD. The PATkick was good to make the score 22-49.

Quinlan’s David Welch scored on a one-yard rushing TD. JamesHoff was successful on the 2point conversion to make the final score Quinlan30, North Lamar 49.

Beierschmitt added 220 yards rushing, 18 yards receiving and59 yards passing to the season’s stats.

The quarterback gained 220 yards rushing on 23 carries withan average gain of 9.57 yards per carry. His longest was for 34 yards. Hereceived one 18-yard pass.

Beierschmitt completed nine of 20 attempted passes for 59yards that scored on TD. His longest completion was 14 yards.

The senior has amassed a total of 2,267 yards gained for thePanthers this season. For his nine games, Beierschmitt has 1,472 total yardsrushing on 147 carries. He has averaged 10.01 yards per carry and his longestwas for 80 yards.

Beierschmitt has completed 49 of 92 passes for a completionrate of 0.533 and 722 total yards. Six TDs were scored. His longest pass wasfor 64 yards.

Beierschmitt has 73 yards receiving on two catches, one for55 yards.

Michael Howell picked up 47 yards Friday on four carries,averaging 11.75 yards per tote. His longest was for 18 yards.

Fulbright received five passes for 30 total yards. Heaveraged six yards per pass with a long catch of 14 yards.

Kobe Jennings caught three passes for 25 total yards. Heaveraged 8.33 yards per catch with the longest for 10 yards. Jennings alsocompleted one pass attempted for 18 yards passing.

Dylan Jackman gained 22 yards on four carries. His averagewas 5.50 yards, and his longest was for nine yards.

Welch had 22 yards on nine carries to average 2.44 yards percarry. His longest was for 13 yards.

Eli Chambers had 11 yards on six carries. He averaged 1.83yards per carry with a long carry of nine yards.

Chambers also received a pass for four yards.

James Hoff logged 10 yards on one carry.

Beierschmitt also led defensively with seven total totals,four solo and three assisted.

Garrett Davis made six tackles, four solo, two assisted;Landon Helton, two solo, three assisted; Jonathon Dotson, two solo, twoassisted; Fulbright, two solo, one assisted; J.D. Bunch, one solo, twoassisted; Cayson Hoff, two solo; Matthew Bryant, one solo, one assisted;Jackman, one solo; Louie Guynes, Kevin Castillo and John Latimer, one assistedeach.

Beierschmitt scored 14 points on two runs; Chambers scored 6points on a receiving play; Welch scored 6 points on a run; Landeverde scored 2points on PAT kicks; and James Hoff scored 2 points on a conversion run.

Quinlan had 11 penalties called with 80 penalty yards tofive penalties for North Lamar with 41 penalty yards.

Quinlan made 22 first downs to North Lamar’s 19.

The Panthers have four wins, four losses with a winningseason of .556.

The Quinlan-Tawakoni New

Friday, November 10,2017

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