Panthers Basketball off to a roaring start
12/4/2018 4:06 PM

The Lady Panthers now sit at a 6-5 ranking. This, as thePanther Boys begin their season with their first loss against North Lamar witha final score of 48-25.

The Lady Panthers, according to Girls Athletic Coordinatorand Head Girls Basketball Jason Wallen, are improving which is leading to theconsistent victories.

“We are sitting at 5-5 but have played a very tough scheduleto start the year. So far we have played a tough Ennis team who is now 7-3 in5A, Winnsboro who is #6 in 3A, Dodd City who is still #2 in 1A, Campbell who atthe time was #15 in 2A, Bullard who is #6 in 4A, and Argyle who at the time was#2 in 4A. We are getting what we need out of the teams we are playing, as wekeep improving every day. We have one more game against Lone Oak tonight beforethe break, then can step back, kind of catch our breath, and evaluate areasthat we can clean up and continue to improve,” said Wallen.

In the Saltillo Tournament, the Lady Panthers won four gamesout of the six games played, making a victorious leap to third place in thetournament, earning a trophy.

In the firs tournament game against Campbell, Quinlan gainedthe upper hand with a final score of 46-43, taking a strong lead a thebeginning of the game and scoring more in the last two quarters of the game.

Jazzmen Beiershmitt earned seven points, Madison Harrisonearned nine point, Sofia Garcia earned five points, Ashley Todd earned 12points, and Braileigh Deaver earned 13 points.

“We started out the Saltillo Tournament with a tough winover a very sold Campbell team. At the time they were ranked #15 in the Stateof Texas in 2A. We were able to come out early, and do a good job of keeping alead. We didn’t shoot the ball very well from the perimeter, but we did a greatjob against the interior of their defense. As a result, we were able to hang onfor a sold win,” said Wallen.

In the second tournament, Quinlan bested Prairiland with afinal score of49-45.

Jazzmen Beierschmitt scored 13 points, Madison Harrisonscored 14, Autumn Wallace scored six, Allysen Warden with six, Alexis Zito withtwo, Ashley Todd with four, and Braileigh Daver earned 4 points.

“Once again we had a great first quarter in a game, as weraced out to a 17-9 lead. However, for some reason we got a little complacentin the middle frames, and actually let Prairiland take a lead late in thethird. We did settle down quite a bit as the game wore down, and our guards hitsome big shots to pull us back ahead, and do enough down the stretch to get thewin. This was one of those games that we lost last year, so there is somethingto be said about that. We were able to shake off a bad stretch, and anchor downto get a win in gritty fashion,” said Wallen.

In game three of the Saltillo Tournament, Quinlan defeatedClarksville with a final score of 60-43.

Jazzmen Beierschmitt earned eight points, Madison Harrisonearned 13 points, Autumn Wallace earned five points, Allysen Warden earned 3points, Ashley Todd earned 25 points, and Braileigh Daver earned 6 points.

“This was a game that had two different looks to it. In thefirst half, we played about as sloppy as we have all year. For some reason, wejust played without a lot of energy, or concentration, and went into the halfdown by 1. However, the second half, we played about as flawless as we couldhave, outsoring Clarksville 36-18. Our guards did a good job of finding openlooks, and our posts/forwards established themselves around the rim, andClarksville struggled to get stops. In the second half our passing and spacingwas very good, and we just extended the floor farther than they could guard.Once again this was a game we in fact did lose last year in OT, as we couldn’tget going. So I have to congratulate the kids on rallying in the second halfand doing what we needed to so that we could get the win,” said Wallen.

They Lady Panthers suffered a loss in game four against DoddCity with a final score of 47-30.

“We knew we had our hands full in this one. We were upagainst the #2 Ranked team in 1A, and they have been defeated in the State Finalsthe last two years, and they should make another run there this year. We cameout and battled hard for the entire game, but foul trouble doomed us as we wentfrom tied at 26 with 1 minute to go in the third, to a 17 – point loss. I haveto give it to Dodd City, and their kids and staff, as they executed very welldown the stretch and took advantage of the foul trouble we were in. I was proudof our kids’ effort, as we kind of traded back and forth for awhile, we justcame up a little short. This game ended up putting us at 3-1 in pool play, andsecond place, for a spot in the Gold Bracket,” said Wallen.

The Semi-Final game was close with a final score of 56-44,with Quinlan losing to Bullard.

“In the Gold Bracket Semi Final Game 1, we were pitted againstthe#6th ranked team in 4A in Bullard. We Came out very hot to startthe game, building a 14 -4 lead at one point, but we had a tough secondquarter, in which they held us to five points. I thought we did a great job ofgetting open looks, and moving the ball, we just kind of hit a lull in thesecond quarter which allowed Bullard to take an eight – point lead into thehalf. We were able to cut the lead to four in the third, but every time wewould get close, they would go on a bit of a run to extend the lead. I was veryproud of our kids, as they just wouldn’t shut it down. Bullard ended up winningin the finals again Dodd City later that night by about six or seven,” SaidWallen.

But during the third place game, Quinlan reigned victoriousover Saltillo 51-30.

“This may have been our most productive game of the year on bothends of the floor. We had challenged the kids to show a little toughness inthis one and that they did. We didn’t have a break after the Bullard game, andhad to play back to back against Host Saltillo in a packed gym. There was agreat crowd, and we were able to take them out of it early, as we raced out toa 34-14 lead at the half. At one time, we used a 20-2 run in the first 10minutes to really put the game away, and we didn’t have to look back. It wasgreat game for us, because we really had not been shooting the ball well fromthe perimeter, but we were able to knock down some shots early to put Saltilloin a hole. Our kids accepted our challenge as we held on for a 20 point win onthe road,” said Wallen.

Once the tournament ended, the next game within the seasonagainst Argyle gave the Lady Panthers another loss, 49-42.

Beierschmitt scored nine points, Harrison scored 12 points,Warden scored two points, Todd scored 12 points, and Deaver scored five points.

“Our seventh game in five days took us to Argyle, where wetook on the number two team in the state of Texas, who also happen to be thefour Time Defending State Champ. Games like these you hope that the banners onthe wall, and the history of the team don’t intimidate your kids just due tohistory. However, our kids didn’t back down. We raced out to a lead, and wereup by 1 with about a minute to go in the half. Two bad turnovers, coupled witha couple of solid plays made by Argyle, sent us into the locker room down byone a the half. From there we both battled back and forth for the last 16minutes. Argyle was able to extend the lead up to double digits a couple oftimes, but we were able to counter to bring the game back to around five acouple of times. Once we got it there it just seemed like they would make astop on the defensive end, and then a play on the offensive end to push thelead back out. In the end, their All State Guard kind of took over down thestretch and scored their last seven points. Our kids have nothing to hang theirheads about, as this is an Argyle team that hasn’t lost at home in over 3years. It was a learning experience for us, as we hopefully now see that we arepretty close to where we need to be,” said Wallen.

Ford defeated Lone Oak 38-30 pushing the Lady Panthers to a6-5 rank.

Jazzmen Beierschmitt scored eight point, Madison Harrisonscored five points, Autumn Wallace scored 17 points, Allysen Warden scoredthree points, Ashley Todd scored three points, and Braileigh Deaver scored twopoints.

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