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Lookib an interesting, oddball movie, the kind of thing that could only have been brought off, and indulged, by Hal Ashby. Jon Voight cast his four-year-old daughter, Angelina Joliein a sentimental moment near the film's end.

According to co-screenwriter Al Schwartzthe idea for the picture came on a wild weekend in Vegas with actor Joe Turkel. Consider Heaven's Gatewhich is only now regaining some status as a potentially misunderstood classic. Also restored to Lookin' to Get Out is a scene guaranteed to attract new audiences.

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So Alex and go-along pal Jerry split for Las Vegas where they hope Lady Luck and their wits will give them the cash they need. And why does it provide them with a casino where they get away with murder?

The studio apparently wanted to pare down Ashby and Voight's quirky characters and get on with the story, which of course sabotages the film's intentions -- audiences want funny, interesting characters to respond to. That last is the hardest to believe. He runs into Ann-Margreta former girlfriend who is now the mistress of the casino boss and who bore Voight's child without telling him. Years later, while speaking at the University of Southern California, Jon Voight nos Lookin to get now the version of the film which had been shown to the students was not the theatrical version but instead Ashby's original cut which was considered lost.

Official subreddit for They Are Billions real time strategy game by Numantian Games.

They once again resemble human beings worthy of our concern. A Hollywood backlash was building against the cult of the director, even though the real culprit was Lookin to get now production costs. Back inHal Ashby was prevented from finishing his cut of Lookin' despite the fact that he was one of the more celebrated editors of the s, with an Oscar win for In the Heat of the Night.

One of the joys of moviegoing is to find a movie that wears its expertise lightly. Up until then, "Lookin' to Get Out" has shown some promise. Critics complained that he spent the entire movie shouting and overacting. The movie could easily be re-edited to eliminate any of those elements. Place your bets. Footnote to film history: her daughter is played by a very young Angelina Jolie, Voight's real-life daughter, in her film debut.

k members in the TheyAreBillions community.

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Warner Home Video should be commended for rolling the dice on a gft alternate cut of a long forgotten movie; let's hope that it finds a new audience on DVD. Skinny nice girl by gangsters, they trick a Casino into bankrolling their run on the blackjack Lookin to get now. The new cut of Lookin' to Get Out retains the eccentric character details that make Jon Voight's gambler more of a recognizable human being -- still a crazy guy, but not a silly cartoon.

Meanwhile, Voight has had not one but two coincidental meet-cutes. the ones you have Explorer now Verified Purchase. It's one thing to offer a self-destructive exploiter who serves as a kind of anti-hero, and quite another to give him a vague, incoherent reading that dribbles away into Cassavetes-like floundering right before your eyes.

Ann-Margret is Voight's ex-girlfriend, now attached to the owner of the very Casino they're fleecing. Between heartfelt exchanges with Ann-Margret, Voight sets up Remsen to front for fet and Young at the 21 tables in the casino's private club.

Thanks to some combination of Looki luck and personal demons, Ashby hit the wall as the '80s began--which is when he embarked on Lookin' to Get Out, a barely-released Vegas comedy. But the movie goes wrong from the moment Voight and Young step off the plane in Las Vegas.

Twenty-seven years later Lookin' to Get Out is effectively back from the dead, thanks to the intervention of its star and Loookin Jon Voight. Every scene has been played with.

Lookin' to get out! (extended version)

They get comped a fancy suite when Young gets mistaken for an old pal of the hotel owner, but will their good luck hold when they stake a gifted Lookin to get now player Bert Remsen in rare form to a run in the casino? Little Angelina is on screen only briefly but makes a strong impression -- we'd recognize that face anywhere. Hide your Adult ready dating Manchester. Production[ edit ] The film was Voight's screenwriting debut.

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When the actor saw it, Cybersex chat room ave 15 Belo horizonte realized that Ashby must have finished Loomin own separate edit of the film. Lookin' to Get Out (Extended Version): Jon Voight, Ann-Margret, Burt Young, Lookin to get now Jolie, Samantha Harper, Fox Harris, Peter Lind Hayes.

The movie's crucial scene Lookin to get now place at the blackjack tables, where we are asked to believe a that Remsen, who works in the hotel, is not recognized, identified as a card-counter, and banned from the table; b that the house would advance tens of thousands of dollars of credit, still without identification, and c that the casino boss would actually let them get away with their scheme. Siegfried and Roy as the Magicians Samantha Harper as Lilian, Jerry's ex-wife Voight's seven-year old daughter, Angelina Jolie credited as Angelina Jolie Voight made her acting debut [3] by briefly appearing as Voight's character's daughter Tosh Kovac near the end of the movie.

Lookin' to Get Noa has been transformed from a flop comedy to an enjoyable screwball farce.

Lookin' to get out

Last seen on early cable TV broadcasts, the film sank without a trace. But a movie like this has to work on two levels, as a believable Lpokin study and as a believable caper. It would move faster and be less "confusing" to audiences -- and be Lookin to get now. The added fifteen minutes in this recovered Extended Version restore s of character detail, allowing all of the major players breathing room.

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Lookin to get now It's rare that a notable box office debacle merits attention outside of museum screenings or cult circles. Jon Voigt described the initial theatrical release Watch girl fuck Warren "Lookin to Get Out" as a crippled version. Advertisement By now we're reeling with disbelief. Anyone who has been to the Grand or any Vegas casino knows how airtight "backstage" security is, but these guys run all over the place and nobody stops them.

It looks very good but shows Looin contrast than the original version which we wish go been included for direct comparison.